A Song a Day – Day 107

Cover of "Last Christmas"

Cover of Last Christmas

French radio sometimes has peculiar tastes. Throughout last summer, they played Wham’s Last Christmas. Each to their own!

Nearly twenty years after its original release in 1993, they’ve starting playing this one again. However, unlike Last Christmas in July, this is great. Each time I hear it I have to stop what I’m doing and have a bit of a boogie. It’s taken me a little while to track down the band and the name of the track, only to find I used to own the album!

It is the Spin Doctors, and Two Princes. Enjoy 🙂


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 107

  1. When I saw the picture above, I had a slight excited feeling come over me. I’m a nut for Christmas music, however… I read the post, and you were talking about French Radio :p — and the song was Two Princes. Back in the 90’s when I had my uber-huge stereo which did 2 things (tape and radio) I had this album on tape. You didn’t miss much.

    Funny stories actually, My mum loved this song and it was an adopted hobby of mine to find the song at whatever time of day when it was out. That meant basically twisting the tuning dial until I struck gold. Mum still reminds me to this day that once I found it at 5am in the morning. I can’t remember why I was up at that time, or what compelled me to find it all the same, but the song holds some nice memories because of it.

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