A Song a Day – Day 106

The sun’s back. Yum yum. Now I can post the song I intended for earlier in the week, before it started raining again. But before I do…

Poached Eggs on Muffins Late Brunch

Image by Annie Mole via Flickr

I said the other day that one of signs that summer is on its way is that I’ve swapped socks for flip-flops. Another sign is that I’ve given up my porridge breakfast. I’m not quite ready for a cold breakfast yet tho’, so I thought I’d try poached eggs on toast. We don’t have an egg poaching appliance, but my dad had told me that you can do it just with a pan of boiling water. I wasn’t convinced, so I looked it up on the wonderweb, and found this very useful and entertaining guide to poaching eggs. I eventually went for the clingfilm method, which was pretty successful, except that the cooked egg still stuck a bit to the film.

Enough of poached eggs. I would ideally like to die to today’s tune. Not that I’m expecting to any time soon, but it would be wonderful just to slip away on a hot summer’s afternoon, lying in a hammock under a shady tree in the garden, holding a cold beer and listening to this 🙂

It is The Isley Brothers and the sublime Summer Breeze.


3 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 106

  1. gold!
    I did summer breeze a while ago on the old daily post and found out it was written by seals and croft who were big in the states and some of my older hippy friends had heard of them
    well worth having a look at the original on you tube…though the iseley brothers are in my heart for ever
    take care

  2. This song is one of those songs you throw on the ipod, and kick back in the sun, eyes closed catching 5. I love the guitar tone on the solo, and the vocal harmonies are very rich. I think I might have to add this to whatever summer playlist I make over the next few months.

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