A Song a Day – Day 99

Ooh, this is getting exciting. Day 99. The day before the big 100. I can’t believe I’ve managed to string together 100 days of blogging (well, almost). Sometimes it flows really easily, sometimes it’s been a real chore. Maybe I’ll say a bit more about that tomorrow.

Today’s tune has been in my head for a couple of days now. It’s that time of year. The garden (well, patio) furniture is out. I’m packing away my woolly jumpers, I’ve stopped wearing socks, we’ve taken the second quilt and the electric blanket off the bed, it’s hot enough to get sunburnt and the sun is setting at 8pm. This is more like it. And we’ve got another 6 months of it to look forward to.

So, in celebration of Spring, is the Beatles, with Here Comes the Sun, yum yum 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 99

  1. You do realise though that now you’ve posted this the Sun will go into hiding once more. I have to side with you in that the weather today has been absolutely cracking. I’m not packing the thermal insulation tools away just yet, but moving them to a different draw just incase it goes funky again.

    I could get used to weather like this… and more Beatles *grin*

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