A Song a Day – Day 98

Today is in the same 8-track cartridge car music groove as yesterday. This is another one that was constantly played when I was about 12, I guess. When I was 12 the lyrics made no sense to me at all. I thought I was hearing them wrong. A few years on, and I realise they were just written by someone who’d had a few too many magic mushrooms.

I mean …someone left my cake out in the rain, I don’t think that I can take it, ’cause it took so long to make it… what in God’s name is that all about?

I’ll leave you to figure it out. It is, of course, Donna Summer, with McArthur Park.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 98

  1. Ah yes, the other song that Donna Summer is known for. I’ve only heard this one a handful of times – thankyou for reminding me about it! I might go and add this to a spotify playlist now!

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