A Song a Day – Day 96

Wow fellow bloggers, we’re almost at the big 1-0-0. A hundred days already. That’s almost a third of 2011 gone already. Flippin ‘eck, it’s absolutely flown by.

This morning I woke up happy. Last night I dreamt I was nominated for an Oscar for my script ‘Wonderlife’. I woke up just as the results came in. I didn’t win, but being nominated was enough to get a producer to come over and insist that the British Film Council must make my film. Now that would make me smile!

In keeping with the mood, today’s tune is a feel-good number. Santana are another band I would like to like more, but this is their only number that’s really made an impact on me. Friends, romans, countrymen, I give you Santana with the groovy Smooth.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 96

  1. 96 days have elapsed? Jimminy Cricket – It’s gone quick like you say – Hmm… I need to get my thinking cap on about doing something awesome for the 100th post. I always dug this song too. One of the more commercial offerings from ol’ Carlos. His guitar tone is so recognisable. Samba Pa Ti is my favourite Carlos moment (that’s the one that was used on the M+S advert for a while – the ‘it’s not just a [item] it’s a [flowery description] [item] – this is M+S food – you know the one I mean….right…?

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