A Song a Day – Day 95

I cannot stand Chris Evans. There is only one person in Chris Evans’ world, and that is Chris Evans. God knows how he managed to marry Billie Piper. He is so far up his own ass it’s a miracle he even noticed she was in the room. This is all very sad because in the olden days he used to do a Saturday morning show on GLR (Greater London Radio). It was so hilarious I used to stay in to listen to it.

I was a bit stuck for today’s tune, but Chris Evans is away (hopefully for a very long time) and so I was listening to his show on the radio this morning. His boring-but-harmless stand-in, Richard Madeley played this. I’d forgotten how much I used to like it, and it’s well worth airing here.

So here you are, Train (a one-hit-wonder methinks) with Drops of Jupiter. Great lyrics.


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 95

  1. I’ve just had one of those not-heard-this-in-ages type moments. Funnily enough, Train came on at the pub quiz the other day, albeit a different track (Hey Soul Sister) – I had no idea they went this far back. Thanks for this selection!

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