A Song a Day – Day 85

French does make me laugh sometimes.

So the other day I said I had caught cold. I didn’t have time to mess around with a stuffed up head unable to think straight, so I headed to the pharmacy for some decongestant. No trouble; the wee girlie pulled out some stuff. Take this three times a day she said. Morning, noon and tea-time, and one more just before you go to bed. And oh, she added, il ne faut pas voler. Which means, don’t fly. Now, in my befuddled state, this somehow translated into polite and subtle advice to put my LSD and Ecstasy stash aside until my cold had cleared up. I gave the poor girl a long hard stare while I tried to figure out why she would think I was a hallucinogenic drug user, then finally shrugged my shoulders. OK. Fine. I’ll do that then.

It was only much later in the afternoon after my head had cleared that I eventually realised that she probably meant that I shouldn’t take a plane…

Today, it’s Paolo Nuttini with Last Request. I love Paolo, he’s great. This video isn’t too bad either, you can just about hear his Scottish accent although I’ve heard a better acoustic version where his accent really shines through.


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