A Song a Day – Day 84

This is the post I planned for Wednesday that didn’t happen.

It’s not yet the end of March, and it’s already been an immensely eventful year for the world. I haven’t had to deal with political revolution, an earthquake, a tsumani, or the threat of nuclear meltdown, but my own little world has been pretty eventful.

Six years ago I met my current partner. Four years ago we moved to France. Two years ago I quit my career in IT as a web developer, and less than a year ago I took the first  tentative steps towards working as a translator/editor/proofreader. Oh, and in amongst all that I trained as a Shiatsu practitioner. It all adds up to a lot of upheaval and instability.

This year, pretty much since 1st January, business has really taken off. Without making much effort at all,  work has been flooding in, and I’ve been massively busy. So much so, I’m putting in 12 hour days and thinking about hiring, or at least working with someone else. But what I wanted to say here, is that for the first time in my 20+ years working life, I love what I’m doing (and I’m really good at it). Despite the erratic hours and the uncertain cash flow, I love everything about it. I had really given up hope of ever finding anything that would earn me money and that I might possibly enjoy doing. I’ve finally found it. And that feels pretty darn good.

There’s only one tune that fits today’s bill. The Times They Are A Changin’. I can’t find a Dylan version, so here’s someone else. If you listen to it with your fingers in your ears from another room you’ll never tell the difference.

P.S. Does anyone know if Bob Dylan is still alive?


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 84

  1. Oh man – Congratz on that. I’d love to be able to get paid for what I love. That’s either guitar, video-making or since 2011 blogging! I’ve been trying to get on a web design course to get some more skills under my built (PHP, CSS, Java) because at the moment I only really know WYSIWYG and simple HTML coding. I can handle the creative/graphics side of things well (I’m a dab hand in photoshop) and can import that into Dreamweaver OK – but going back to your point – I’m really pleased that you are happy at the moment. I think it comes across in your blog!

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