A Song a Day – Day 83

Yesterday’s tune reminded me of another old guitar favourite. I got my guitar when I was about 14 and on a family holiday in Spain. I think it cost about £30, and over the years it was well used. I had a few lessons, but never really applied myself, and was therefore never any good. Plus it made my hands hurt and I seem to remember I developed warts on my fingertips! However, every so often I did like to pick it up and have a go at one of the tunes in my ‘100 Greatest Songs for Guitar’ book. This is another one of them.

It’s that great classic, Hotel California by The Eagles.


3 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 83

  1. now this is one of those contentious songs that people either love or hate…I tried to suggest playing this one at a seventies party we had and all the rest of the makeshift band were adamantly against it! I think it would be quite fun to play although I would have to play it with a touch of irony cos when the Eagles were around we all thought they were a bit unkool , I think the Doobie Brothers were the nemesis of the Eagles and all the sensible kids listened to the Eagles.
    good call !

    • For me, it’s a love – I can’t believe the band said no – it’s a cracking song, sure it’s a tad fiddily at times, but nothing that hard. It’s an absolute belter. Between The Eagles and Doobie Brothers, I’m camp Eagles!

  2. Seycen – When I got my first guitar (accoustic, nylon string) I remember there being some slight pain in my fingertips at the start, but over time the calluses got built up and now I’m borderline obsessed with keeping that bit of hard skin on my finger tips, especially now I play electric – the steel strings cut into you more then the nylon. As for the song – In my top 3 Eagles songs – I should really learn the outro guitar solo.

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