A Song a Day – Day 80

After a solid week of unrelenting heavy rain the sun has finally come out. I had an hour outside today just enjoying the sunshine and noticed the first poppy of the year. That is a really good sign. Another sign of the warmer weather is the frogs. We have half the world’s population living just outside our bedroom window. They must hibernate during the winter, but now they’re waking up and boy do they make a racket.

So, in honour of warm weather and the frogs that go with it, today’s tune is (what else could it be…) The Frog Chorus (and Paul McCartney) with We All Stand Together.

I have carefully selected the video with the Dutch subtitles for my readers in the Netherlands, and if anyone can tell me what all this has to do with Rupert the Bear, I’d be most grateful. Enjoy 🙂


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