Mont Vial

Sunday, the weather finally improved enough for the 2011 walking season to begin. I think the last serious walk we did was at the end of September 2010 to La Colmaine.


Mont Vial

The route up Mont Vial

We decided to skip any notion of warming up, starting with something gentle, or taking it easy at the beginning. Mont Vial is 700m up and 700m down. That’s just the climb, the actual peak is at 1,500m. It’s a walk we’ve done before, and it’s tough, but great. One of the most scenic viewpoints in the area. You actually walk up around the back of the mountain, and only see the whole panorama when you finally get to the top.


Despite the snow and lack of training, we made it up in a very creditable 2 hours. Then we had to come down again. The usual route is to go back the way you’ve come. We decided to take a more direct route, more or less straight down the front of the mountain. Not as dramatic as it sounds, it’s steep but open ground – most of the way. Until you think you’re nearly there. That’s when we hit the bush.  Half an hour of fighting our way through thick undergrowth, following an animal path was exhausting. We eventually emerged, scratched to death and bleeding, just above the road. Nightmare!

My legs are still killing me, but it was worth it 🙂


One thought on “Mont Vial

  1. Speaking of walking… this year I’m hoping to make the most of a bit of an error on the national trust’s part (which i’m going to keep quiet about, just incase) – where it looks like i”ve somehow got a years membership when I shouldn’t. Hopefully I’ll be able to go for a strowl round the local property and it’s woodland walks.

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