A Song a Day – Day 63

One of the many changes that the Wonderweb has brought about in my life is the way I listen to music. I think the last physical album I bought was ‘O’ by Damien Rice (2002), and it will probably be the last I’ll ever buy.

Damien Rice

Damien Rice

In fact, I don’t listen to many albums. I usually prefer the variety of listening to the radio. But that has changed dramatically too. The likes of Last.fm and Deezer offer services that traditional radio stations can’t match. I no longer have to listen to whatever some up-his-own-ass dj has been paid to advertise by the record companies. In the new world, a machine chooses the tunes based on what it knows I like. It does a pretty good job, and I love the randomness of the results. Old chestnuts get mixed up with strange Danish rock groups, and I get to hear I whole lot of music I wouldn’t otherwise know existed. Fantastic!

Today, in honour of probably the last album I’ll ever buy, is the wonderfully bleak Damien Rice with Amie.


2 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 63

  1. I really like Damien. I have one of his CD’s somewhere. I think it was called O, or Cannonball (or was that the one single?) He has such a brilliant voice, it carries so much and he can make you snap up and pay attention to the lyrics. Great song writing skills too! Great choice

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