A Song a Day – Day 58

A new topic today, Egypt. I’ve been following the news from the Middle East with great interest. However, while the news is great for keeping you up-to-date with major developments, it can never give you the flavour of what is really happening on the ground.

So it was fascinating to recently read an email from someone who is there. It was a personal account of how things are changing (and how they are staying the same)! Amongst other things, the writer talks about the tremendous sense of celebration that has emerged. She also particularly mentions the following song that has become a hit both in Egypt and in the rest of the Arab world. It is by Egyptian singers Amir Eid and Hany Adel and is called Sout Al Horeya (The Voice of Freedom). The video includes footage of protestors singing the song in Tahrir Square, and some of the lines of the song appear as slogans on the banners they carry.

This is my tiny contribution to wishing the people of Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world a peaceful transition to a freer, happier, and more democratic and stable society.

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