A Song a Day – Day 55

Hi folks. If you’re here for the music, I recommend you skip directly to the bottom of page.

The OscarsFor everyone else, as you will know, the Oscars are on Sunday. When the Golden Globe nominations came out, I realised the only English-language film I’d seen in 2010 was The Social Network. I didn’t recognise any of the other nominations. So when the Oscar lists came out, I made it my business to see all the films nominated for Best Picture. A tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Here’s what I think of this year’s line-up.

127 Hours
What’s it about? A guy gets his arm trapped while out hiking. He has to chop it off to escape.
Is it any good? Yes. Very good. If you like ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Touching the Void’ you’ll love this.
Will it win? No. Beaufoy and Boyle just got a gong with Slumdog Millionaire. Won’t happen again.
Should it win? No. While it’s very good, it’s a one-dimensional story.
Trivia: This is why you really should tell someone where you’re going before you set off into the wilderness. Especially alone.

The Kids Are All Right
What’s it about? Two teenagers conceived by artificial insemination make contact with the guy who donated the sperm. By the way, their parents are lesbians.
Is it any good? Yes. Surprisingly good. Although it’s hard to go wrong with Annette Benning and Julianne Moore.
Will it win? No. Compared to the  likes of ‘Ordinary People’ (winner in 1983) it doesn’t hold a candle.
Should it win? No. It’s good, even very good, but it doesn’t have that wow factor.
Trivia: Whoever thought that sperm donation was a good idea?

The King’s Speech
What’s it about? King George VI, the present Queen of England’s father. Stammering.
Is it any good? Yes, it’s excellent. It works both as a historical drama and a very personal story.
Will it win? No.
Should it win? Yes. It has both breadth and depth. The story is riveting, the acting is superb. It works on all levels.
Trivia: Even The Queen likes it.

The Winter’s Bone
What’s it about? A 17-year-old girl has to save her family home when their father disappears. Their relatives are no help at all.
Is it any good? No. The story just doesn’t make sense.
Will it win? No.  It’s not even very good.
Should it win? No. See above.
Trivia: Must be in the list to make up the numbers.

What’s it about? Leo di Carpaccio has to save the world. Are dreams reality and is reality a dream?
Is it any good? Yes, it’s OK. If you like the later Bond films you’ll like this. Quantity over quality.
Will it win? Of course. You can’t spend US$200 million on making a film for it not to win an Oscar. What would be the point of Hollywood otherwise?
Should it win? No, of course not. It’s another stereotypical American film.
Trivia: Is La Vie en Rose going to feature in every film Marianne Cotillard appears in?

The Fighter
What’s it about? A boxer struggling to make it to the big-time. Seen Rocky? You get the idea.
Is it any good? It’s OK, but Mark Wahlberg is no Stallone.
Will it win? No. Rocky got there first.
Should it win? Not for best picture, but every single member of the supporting cast deserves an Oscar.
Trivia: If you don’t want to spend the money, you could just watch Rocky again.

Toy Story 3
What’s it about? As far as I can remember, it’s just about the same as Toy Story 1.
Is it any good? You have to like cartoons. It’s better than TS2, and about the same as TS1.
Will it win? Of course not. Cartoons don’t win best picture.
Should it win? Of course not. It’s a cartoon for god’s sake.
Trivia: If you don’t want to spend the money, you could just watch TS1 again.

True Grit
What’s it about? In the American mid-west a teenage girl decides to avenge her father’s murder.
Is it any good? Only if you like westerns, or are a fully paid-up member of the Cohen Bros. fanboy club
Will it win? Of course not, it’s a western.
Should it win? Of course not. Westerns don’t win best picture.
Trivia: A remake of the 1969 film with John Wayne.

The Black Swan
What’s it about? A ballet dancer struggling to make it to the big-time.
Is it any good? Yes. Excellent performances and a twisty plot. Fantastic last line.
Will it win? Nope. It’s too girly.
Should it win? If the jury was all-female it might have a chance. But it’s not.
Trivia: Includes some girl-on-girl love action so the boys don’t get bored.

The Social Network
What’s it about? Do you really need me to tell you?
Is it any good? Yes, it’s all-round excellent.
Will it win? Nope, but it would if it wasn’t up against Inception.
Should it win? Nope. Although it is excellent, it’s still not as good as The King’s Speech.
Trivia: Is Colin Firth the new Laurence Olivier?

The Song for Today

Finally, if you’re looking for the music, today’s offering is from one of my all-time favourite films. I know I’m about to lose all credibility but I just love it. It still makes me go all mushy inside each time I hear it.

It’s Berlin, and Take My Breath Away from Top Gun.


6 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 55

  1. Very amusing post. I loved your little stamps of personality in your comments. I’ve only seen of the films above, but got a couple on my LoveFilm rental list. Inception I’m toying with the idea of seeing. Toy Story 3 was great, and I’ve heard good things about Black Swan. Will be an interesting watch.

    As for Berlin, I do really enjoy this song. I’ve yet to see Top Gun but the soundtrack is top notch. How can you not like the Danger Zone?! This song is brill also, very 80’s. The keyboard sound here is tremendous. I remember in Red Dwarf, when Ace Rimmer was on screen they used a cleverly pastiched version of this song as incidental music.

    Another Top Gun soundtrack favourite has to be Top Gun Anthem. It’s one of my favourite things to play on the guitar, plus I can show off during the fiddily bit by tapping over the neck, just like in the video!

    Great post!

    • You haven’t seen Top Gun? Oh my word. You poor thing. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. I watched it again not long ago; it’s standing the test of time.

      Inception isn’t nearly so toothpaste glossy as I’d feared. In fact it’s quite a good watch – but I’ll never see it again – unlike Top Gun 🙂

    • Aha, well, if you only see one (seeing as you’re a Brit, and a girlie) make it either The King’s Speech or Black Swan. If you’re more girlie than Brit go for BS, and if you’re more Brit than girlie, The KS 🙂

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