A Song a Day – Day 53

CollieI just heard this on the radio, and it has to be in the list: The Stereophonics and Handbags and Gladrags (original by Rod Stewart). There’s no story to go with it (it’s just a great song) which leaves me space to recount the Ocean Drive story that goes with yesterday’s choice.

Anything by  The Lighthouse Family takes me back to the time I was working in Nicaragua, and living in Marie-Louise’s house (see Day 31 for more details). Living in Marie-Louise’s house entailed taking care of her beloved dog, a sort of collie-type thing, which I was very happy to do. I think I’d been there less than a week when it all went pear-shaped.

I came back home from work one day to find the dog in huge distress. It was dragging its rear-end along the ground and seemed to be hemorrhaging. OK, OK, no need to panic, look on the bright side, it’s not dead. First step, call the vet. No, first step, find the telephone number for the vet. Err, no. First find the phone book. Err, not even that – lookup ‘vet’ in the English-Spanish dictionary. Then try to figure out which one might be within reasonable travelling distance of wherever it is I am. Err no, first figure out where I am (remember I’d been in Managua less than a week at this point, and my mental map was pretty poor).

I call the vet and miraculously manage to explain the problem in stumbling Spanish. In retrospect it probably only went as far as ‘my dog is very sick’, but anyway I understood the instruction to ‘bring it over here straight away’. This of course created the next challenge of figuring out where ‘there’ is. All of this took an agonising amount of time, all the while with the dog outside in the garden, writhing in pain.

Finally, I’m ready to try to lift a significantly heavy and very unhappy dog into the back of the car, and head off vaguely in the direction of the vet. But by then it was too late. The dog had dug herself in behind a bush and was in the process of giving birth to what turned out to be the third of a litter of seven puppies. They all survived, thrived and found good homes. And the vet was thrilled to hear the apparently dying dog was in fact, just pregnant.

So now, whenever I hear The Lighthouse Family, I think of my little puppy family 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 53

    • Hi G, thank you, and I can return the compliment; I’ve been enjoying your shoe stories! Now that work has returned to a manageable level, I’ve got a bit more time to talk 🙂

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