A Song a Day – Day 52

Today’s tune is Ocean Drive by the Lighthouse Family. But first, yesterday’s story.

Yesterday we intended to have a day out around St. Tropez. We were headed for Cap Camarat. The idea was to have a picnic lunch and walk around the headland. Got there, parked up (funnily enough just by a lighthouse) and settled down to the picnic at a spot about 20 metres from the car. Half an hour later, we’re back to the car to drop the picnic gear and switch to walking boots. The car is unlocked. Strange. The car is unlocked, and the rucksack is gone from the boot. Inside the rucksack are two bottles of water, my mobile phone, my house keys and my purse. Inside my purse is my driving licence, which includes our current address…

Address  + house keys in the hands of a teef = verrry bad vibe.

A decision has to be made. We’re two hours from home. Do we race back to head off a potential ransack of the rest of our belongings, or do we head for the gendarmerie to report the crime? The gendarmerie it is. It turns out to be a good call. They tell us that the area is known for car theft (it didn’t seem polite to ask why they aren’t they doing anything about it), and that the teefs are only interested in electrical goods they can sell. They very much doubt that they’ll bother even to use my bank card, never mind have the initiative to ransack our house. Whew. After a fruitless search for the abandoned bag, we head home.

Two hours later we’re parked up outside our house. I, of course, don’t have my keys. Mr DV pulls out his. Except he doesn’t.  A brief, but frantic search follows – he doesn’t have his keys either. The impossible realisation dawns that now, after a long and already difficult day, we’re locked out. It never rains, but it pours. We head up to the front door to discover… a set of keys hanging from the lock. Oh ****.  Mega biiiig baaaad vibe.

But hey, guess what? We take a closer look. Whose keys are they? Mr DVs. Still hanging where he’d forgotten them when we set off that morning.

It’s so bizarre, I couldn’t make it up!

There is another story attached to this tune that has nothing to do with stolen keys. But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear it.  For now, I give you, the Lighthouse Family, and Ocean Drive.


5 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 52

  1. What a story, you really couldn’t make it up could you! That must of been really scary. Hope it has a good outcome.

    I remember this song too, my Dad still has the first CD. Pretty laid back!

  2. Thank you both for your good wishes. From the ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ point of view we lost very little. The bag itself was the most thing valuable thing they got. Even the phone was my partner’s eight-year-old cast-off, which I’d been using because mine wasn’t working (it does now, of course!). After that, there was less than ten euros in cash, and two bottles of water. It’s been an admin hassle to cancel cards and replace paperwork but all-in-all we got off pretty lightly.

    There are even benefits: I’ve been able to replace the horrible photos I had in my various pièces d’identité, and (for very obscure reasons which I won’t go into here) I now have new number plates on my car (I don’t talk about my number plate fetish in public) 🙂

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