A Song a Day – Day 50

Reading Rock FestivalThe wonderweb tells me that on Friday 22nd August, 1986 I was at Reading. The Reading Rock Festival, in particular. It was the first, and the only residential music festival I’ve been to. As I remember, it lived up to expectations. Two nights in a tent,  bad food, rank beer, rain, mud, long queues for everything and dirty toilets.

As for the music, I can only still remember one moment. It was The Mission. I wouldn’t normally count them amongst my favourite bands, but they opened their set with Butterfly on a Wheel, accompanied by a stunning, beautiful butterfly on a huge catherine wheel. It was fantastic.

Here’s a live version, but miles away from the magnificence of Friday, 22nd August 1986.

Day 50 already! Girl’s doin’ good 🙂


One thought on “A Song a Day – Day 50

  1. I’ve not heard this song before. I saw the words Reading Rock Festival in my subscriptions and you had my undivided attention! I’m a rocker at heart – this songs great, like the missing link between simple minds and inxs. I like the guitar line during the chorus. It makes me realise how much I would like an e-bow (the funky device the one guitarist is holding) That guitar tone is such a sexy sound also!

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