A Song a Day – Day 49

I’m just back from my little sojourn in London. There have been a few changes since 1993. Thankfully the road layout and the tube map haven’t changed (much, anyway), otherwise I’d never have found my way around. There are very few familiar landmarks left, especially around Kings Cross. Whistles is still in the same place in Covent Garden, and the Astrology Shop hasn’t moved from its position at the top of Neal Street.

What struck me most however, was how wide the roads seemed to have become. And I’m pretty sure this is because of the astonishing reduction in traffic. I spent some time standing in the middle of traffic-less Shaftesbury Avenue (actually on the road) wondering where everybody had gone. It was almost spooky.

I’m stuck for ideas for today’s tune, so this is bit of a cop-out. It’s not really a favourite, there’s no story to go with it, but it’s kind of appropriate. Bring on The Clash, and London Calling.


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