A Song a Day – Day 45

Hmm. Day 45 and Valentines Day. I couldn’t care less about Valentines Day. It’s a commercial frenzy whipped up by shops in order to sell more stuff. Wake up people and stop letting yourselves be manipulated by advertising!  Choose you own day to show your loved one your care about them  (I’d suggest every day as a good starting point).

In other news, I’ve caught up with myself. A little breathing space in the schedule means that a Song a Day is once again, a song a day, and not a song most-days-if-I’ve-got-the-time. You can now catch up on Day 39, Day 40 and Day 41.

Having said Valentines Day is a load of hooey, I haven’t entirely escaped its influence. Todays tune is in honour of Mr DV. He does have blue eyes, he is French, and he is called Denis. Bah humbug!


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