A Song a Day – Day 35

A little while back djbaroque posted a Pink Floyd tune. As I said at the time, I don’t think I’ll be posting anything from them, but time will tell. 365 tunes is quite a lot, and if I run out of other stuff, they’re on the ‘b’ list.

However, this one from Roger Waters is a favourite. It takes me back to my days at Nottingham University when I used to work for the University radio station URN (University Radio Nottingham – my god, it’s on Wikipedia!). One evening I’d dropped in to see what was happening, to find Dave, all alone, doing his show. While we were sitting chatting he put this on. It’s been stuck like that in my head ever since. I love it as much now as I did that first time I heard it.

It’s Roger Waters from the 1987 album Radio K.A.O.S. with The Tide is Turning.

P.S. Remember the Dave who started all this? Blow me down with a feather if many years later I didn’t see him on television as a reporter for the tea-time Tyne Tees news chatting away like old mates with the legendary Mike Neville. Dave Goldring. Boy did he do good! I wonder if he remembers me?

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