A Song a Day – Day 31

Aha. The last day of January. One month in, and I’m still going strong. I’ve really enjoyed this first month. It’s been great to listen to all this half-forgotten music that has accompanied my life. I’m going to end January with a bit of a weepie.

On 3oth August 1997 I arrived, late at night, and after a very long flight, in Nicaragua. I was going to be working there for the next couple months or so, covering for a colleague and staying in her house. On the morning of 31 August Marie-Louise met me at the breakfast table with the words “I’ve got some terrible news”. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. I was actually relieved to hear that it was only that Princess Diana had died. All the same, I couldn’t quite shake off the feeling that I should go home. Almost as if a member of the family had died. Anyway, I missed the funeral.

Pull out the hankies, it’s Elton John, live at Westminster Abbey with Candle in the Wind.

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