A Song a Day – Day 29

Today is another chirpy offering. If you’ve sat down after listening to the Sisters from yesterday, get up, and get ready to go again. If you missed yesterday, warm up to this, then go back to yesterday for the rest.

Quite often Mr Dark Vador and I do weights in the garage, with the radio on. Despite being a few years old, this is still played regularly, and it’s the one that brings a break in the reps while we have a bit of a singalongaboogy! It’s Duffy and the mesmerising Mercy.

Sorry the end is missing!


4 thoughts on “A Song a Day – Day 29

  1. This is a good song. I can’t help but to think of this when Party Ben fused it with Roxanne by the Police to create a work of genius. I remember hearing Duffys first album quite a fair bit after my Dad brought it. I never knew what to make of her. Whilst she’s got some great credentials, the thing that really bothers me is her vibrato. She has a very wide and pronounced vibrato which sometimes comes across as a little over exagerated. Rockferry had some good tunes, though I must say. Stepping stone was good as was Warwick Avenue (maybe the best song on there, because she kept her vibrato warbilings in check hehehe!) and if you had the special edition, you got Rain On Your Parade also.

    I really look forward to reading this blog everyday. Keep up the great work!

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