The Coloccini Poodle

I spent most of this afternoon watching the Toon derby. This is a football match between two teams from the north-east of England, namely Newcastle United and the Mackems. It was a 1-1 draw. It was a great game, end-to-end stuff and very enjoyable. A draw was the best possible result. Both sides played their hearts out, and if the Toon (playing away from home) had won, the problems for the police afterwards aren’t worth thinking about.

However, I spent a lot of the first half distracted by Fabrizio Coloccini’s hair. It’s quite something, and reminded me a lot of a poodle. I spent half-time trying to track down a suitable comparison and come up with this.

Is it a poodle or is it Fabrizio Coloccini?

A red poodle (left) and Fabrizio Coloccini (right)

In fact, I became so engrossed in the task, I missed Kevin Nolan’s goal in the 52nd minute.

I reckon Fabrizio’s hairdo deserves greater fame. Perhaps they could name a poodle after him?

The Coloccini Poodle

The toy, mini, standard and Coloccini poodle

Read the full match report at the excellent


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