Facebook Pages and Usernames

Hello everybody, you can now find me on Facebook. I’m here at the foxy:

I’ve been on Facebook for ages, but now I’m no longer the messy

Hah! For once, I’m at the cutting edge of technology.  I have a Facebook username.

Facebook Username

It all started because I recently set up a couple of business pages. Everyone else can refer to their page with a url of the form:

I wanted one too!

The secret place is here:

Facebook Usernames

Where you can set both a personal username, and your business page username.

However, while I had my groovy new personal username (which I wasn’t particularly bothered about), I still couldn’t set them up for the business pages (which I was bothered about).

Facebook Usernames

Why not? When in the future? The answer lies deeply buried somewhere I’ll never find it again, but here it is for you:

Facebook usernames

Hmm. Twenty-four to go then.