Touched by Twitter

TwitterThe other day I was listening to a teleconference. There was a guy and a gal talking about self-employment. Thank goodness the gal was there, because the guy had lost the plot. He said he was taking cold medicine. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, he seemed way out of his depth.

He was yapping on, in the way marketing people do. A huge amount of words, with very little meaningful content. Until, at one point, the words, “I’m really touched by Twitter” came out of his mouth. There was a short, shocked silence, followed by embarrassed laughter. I don’t know about you, but anyone who could ever say such a stupid thing, even if they are on cold medicine, has a serious credibility problem.

Twitter baffles me. I have a Twitter account. I have 59 followers. I don’t know any of them. I follow 269 people. I  don’t know any of them either. Every so often I post another Bible quote, just to freak people out. And I pick another 50 or so random people to follow. Just to freak them out.

I find it all really, really creepy. Why does anyone normal ‘follow’ strangers, and why would anyone normal be happy to have strangers ‘following’ them? It’s really, really creepy.

My secret aim is eventually to follow everyone on Twitter. It can’t be that hard to write a little program that will automate the process. Watch this space!