Cricket and the Pope

I often listen to BBC Radio 5 live.  I think they’re trying to spice things up a bit, because they have this habit of dropping whatever it is they are talking about in the studio to bring you Live News from wherever it is happening outside. This has unfortunate consequences sometimes.

Flintoff bowling against Australia in The Ashe...

Flintoff bowling against Australia

The presenter in the studio is typically in the midst of an immensely emotional and distressing moment, along the lines of, “and how was it when you took the decision to turn off the life support system of your four-year old son?” Before the distraught mother can answer, same presenter will jump in with, “I’m really sorry to interrupt, but we just have to cross to Twickenham where there’s been another wicket”. Followed by a breathless cricket commentator saying something like, “yes, Gaby, England now 42 for 1, Flintoff has just been bowled by a fantastic googly from Mularitharum”. Or some such.

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

They were doing it yesterday, but instead of the usual wicket-in-the-cricket, it was the Pope in Edinburgh. Every so often they would stop everything to Go Live to Edinburgh to report on the latest sighting of a small and distant Pope. But today they’ve gone back to the cricket.

Now, given that both the Pope and cricket are in Twickenham, I am getting confused. I keep thinking I heard something like “The Pope has just been bowled out by a fantastic ball from Flintoff”, or “The Pope has just hit a screamer for six”, or “The Pope, bowling from the Oxford end”.  I’ll be happy when he’s gone and I can listen to the cricket in peace.