Does This Make Me a Communist? (Part Two)

Yesterday I posted about how a small European bank, allegedly in a state of crisis, could afford to pay for the entire reconstruction of the areas devastated by the floods in Pakistan from just a twentieth of its half-year profits.

Today, I have another, similar but different example for you. The guy in the video below holds up a girl in a mobile phone shop. It’s worth watching for various reasons, but the reason I include it here is because, as you’ll see, he’s turned to to crime because he needs US$300 to pay his rent.

Now. Again on the same day, I happened to come across another little video. This one made by a couple of young American ladies. The point of this video was to get you to buy into their ‘I made loads of money on the internet, and you can too’ program. I was following along, fairly interested, until I was stopped in my tracks by a statement which went something like ‘last year I only made 56 thousand dollars, but this year I made 125 thousand’. What? How much? You only made 56k dollars? And that wasn’t enough? How the hell much is enough then?

I’m sure she’d fit right in with the top brass at the Royal Bank of Scotland. I can imagine the spiel: ‘Well, gentlemen, last year we only made 980 million pounds profit, but this year, we’ll make 1.4 billion’.

This particular lady made sure we knew that she gave a percentage of her profits to charity. Somehow I doubt it’s going to reach the guy who was so desperate for 300 dollars to pay his rent, he turned to crime.

Maybe if we all knew how much is enough, we wouldn’t need charity.

This must make me a communist.


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