Life in France – Why Are The Shops Always Closed?

To be honest, I’m not a big shopper. Having no money kind of puts a brake on that sort of thing. But every so often, I do need to buy stuff. Like food. Or baking trays, or contact lens solution, or perfume.

I’m used to the shops being closed at lunchtime now. Between 12 and 2pm, you might as well go home and eat lunch, like everyone else. I’m also used to our local supermarket not re-opening until 3pm. Apart from Friday of course. And I’ve almost got used to our local bakery being closed all day on Monday. Why on earth would I want to buy bread on Monday anyway?

However, at 9.30 on a Tuesday morning, I did expect the large, local interior furnishing shop to be open. Nope, 10am. And at 10.15am on Monday, I did expect the pretty little perfume shop in the nearby tourist hotspot to be open. Wrong again – 10.30am. As for the pharmacy? That one, you just have to turn up and take your chances.

Guess I’ve still got some way to go before I’m fully integrated :0(