Hiking in France – Circuit de Fenestre

Sunday we managed to get out of the house and baking heat, and into the mountains.

It was fantastic. The walk started around 1,800 metres and the air was already fresh, with a cool breeze right from the start. It was a long rocky drag uphill, but never too steep, and just when I needed to take a break we reached the freezing cold Lac de Fenestre, planned as the lunch stop.

After lunch, another half an hour uphill brought us to the cool air of 2,500 metres, views of Italy, and a herd of chamoix and bouquetin (ibex). They were on the path, and we almost had to encourage them out the way to get past. We’ve seen quite a few of both before, but never been anywhere near so close. I just wish we’d had a camera.

Another half an hour and we were at the next pass, with more stunning views of Lac de Trécolpas. This one is on the list for another trip. It was too far for us to make it the same day, but it looks sooo beautiful. Then a pretty quick hour and a half descent back to base camp and blackberry pie. Yum yum. Doesn’t get much better than that :0)

If you’re interested, there’s a map below, and you can find a full description of the route is on the Randoxygéne website.

Madone de Fenestre
Madone de Fenestre