Hiking in France – Mine de l’Eguisse

It’s suddenly gotten very hot here. A week ago I was still wearing a cardigan in our fridge-cum-house, but for the past few days, wearing anything at all has become a bit of a trial.

On Saturday we went for a hike. Big Mistake. For those living anywhere near, we were in the Vesubie valley, here:

Mine de l'Eguisse
The Route

My God. What a nightmare. The route runs around the head of a forested valley. It would be sheltered at the best of times. On Saturday there wasn’t a breath of air. Because of all the rain we’ve had recently, it was beautifully green. Which meant that the whole place was in the process of drying out, and it was as humid as the proverbial sauna. To top it off, we hardly reached more than 900 metres. For the unitiated that means that we didn’t get the benefit of the cooler air you have walking in the high mountains. I thought I was going to die of heat-stroke.

However. We did enjoy a feast of exceptionally fabulous, tiny, wild strawberries that must have been made in heaven. And we did see a real live snake.

Maybe it was worth it after all.

P.S. If you’re interested, full details of the route are available on the Randoxygéne website. It is listed as a four hour, medium difficulty walk. Their timings are very tight. Four hours means four hours solid walking. That’s no lunch, no photos, no stopping to catch your breath, and no peeing! As an example, it took us over five hours, and we weren’t slacking.