Do you run a movies-on-demand website?

If so, get in touch. The money is burning a hole in my pocket.

You don’t know me too well yet, so I’ll tell you, I’m a big film (movie – for my American followers, should there be one) fan. However, I don’t really have mainstream tastes. I haven’t seen ‘Avatar’, and I’m not likely to. I only saw ‘Titanic’ five years after it came out. And I’ve never seen ‘The Terminator’. Nearly all the films I’ve watched recently have been either old, or made outside the USA. Many of them have been old and made outside the USA.

The last time I went to a physical cinema was in 2008 to see ‘Australia’, and I can’t remember the time before that. Put these two together and the Internet is my friend. Or is it?

I have real difficulty finding the films I want to watch. Here in France, there’s no NetFlix. But even if there was, I’m not sure I’d use it. Just how big is the carbon footprint created by making a DVD, putting it in a plastic box, shlepping it half way across the country in a fossil-fuelled vehicle, and then sending it back again?  Not to mention the pain of waiting for it to be delivered.

Then, let’s talk about their catalogue. I have just read a review of ’10 to 11′. It’s a  new Turkish film. It sounds great. It’s doing the rounds of the festival circuit. Given that I don’t go to film festivals, how the hell am I ever going to get to watch it? Some people will probably love it (although I can’t see it appealing to the Avatar crowd), and those people are never going to be able to see it.

If it’s old, I can’t find it. If it’s foreign, I can’t find it. And if it’s old and foreign, I haven’t got a hope in hell.

Those who know will know. It’s out there. It’s feasible. I can watch a lot of old, foreign movies, but those who know will also know it’s a pretty hit and miss affair. There is no reliable source of movies. When it comes to video-on-demand, there is no long tail.

Whatever the legal issues, the day someone sets up a ‘movies-on-demand’ website where I can legitimately watch reliable streaming movies and find all the undiscovered little gems  that nobody else has seen (I have no interest in downloading, that’s another issue), I’ll be the first to sign up.