Three years on

Three years have passed since I set up this blog and made my first post. It was May 2007. In April 2007 I’d moved to France, with my French partner of two years. I’d been here less than a month. I was a  foreigner,  a new arrival in a country where they didn’t speak my language. I had no friends, no family, and I was a long way from home.  The future was unknown, and more than a bit scary.

Now it’s June 2010. Three years  on. Wow. A long time. The future has happened. What happened to the blog? I guess I thought when I set it up that I’d have something to say. Apparently, I didn’t.  What happened?

We found a flat, lived in it, and moved somewhere else. I started a full-time job, quit a full-time job, and nearly had a nervous breakdown. At times, I’ve  been very depressed. I’ve been to Switzerland, been to Corsica, and been to Australia. I’ve even been to Monaco. I got a French speeding ticket, a French driving licence, and a French social security number. I bought a bike. I made a new friend. I thought long and hard about leaving, but decided to stay. I’ve watched an awful lot of films, and been to a few football matches.  I started writing. I wrote two screenplays, and entered them in four competitions. I climbed more than my fair share of mountains – physical and psychological. I swam across the lake and back again. I built a few websites. And now, sometimes, I make quiche.

Sounds like a lot, but in fact, it doesn’t feel like much. In fact, it feels as if I’ve been walking around and around in a very small circle most of the time. Lost. Lost and alone. Doing the same things in the same ways. Over and over again. Now, it feels like it’s time to stop going round the circle and go somewhere else. Where will I go?